Theater, Film and Media Arts instruction has a rich, decades-long history at Temple University. After many years as a part of the School of Communications and Theater, the School of Theater, Film and Media Arts (TFMA) was formed in 2012 as part of a comprehensive university-wide academic realignment initiative. At this time, film, theater, music and dance disciplines were gathered under a new administrative consortium, the Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts, linking TFMA with the distinguished Boyer College of Music and Dance. This affords TFMA students the opportunity to encounter, collaborate and ‘cross-train’ with an eclectic, diverse group of gifted peers across a dazzling array of artistic disciplines.  Film and Media Arts Production of "Sun Dog"

The School of Theater, Film and Media Arts houses two outstanding departments, the Department of Film and Media Arts and the Department of Theater.  Both entities have built distinguished reputations in their respective fields, and produced alumni who have garnered professional accolades for more than four decades.  Each Department offers professional and undergraduate degree programs historically ranked in the top tier nationally and internationally.  

Temple’s hallmark programs in theater, film, and media arts engage gifted students with nationally and internationally recognized faculty scholars and professionals. Together they fuse the highest quality professional training with rigorous scholarship and consummate artistry to forge a passionate, diverse creative learning community dedicated to making a difference in the human community through applied artistry.

Theater production of the musical "Rent."

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