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The Department of Film and Media Arts (FMA) focuses on the development of creative expression and technical skills in film, video, audio, digital media and new technologies, and the theoretical understanding of media and culture. The program recognizes and explores the creative tension between individual expression and the social, political and economic forces that shape culture at large through the creation and study of film, video and new media.

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Students initially enroll in the bachelor of arts in film and media arts, and then may apply for specialized programs the spring of their sophomore year. These programs include bachelor of fine arts degrees in Directing, Media Arts and Screenwriting; bachelor of arts degrees with concentrations in Cinematography, Post-Production, Producing and Screen Studies; and a general bachelor of arts in film and media arts.

Students are trained in the craft, theory and practice of developing content. By learning independent and commercial approaches to production and theory, students are prepared to produce their own independent projects and assume creative roles in the motion picture and television industries. The FMA department brings in guest media-makers and visiting professors from diverse backgrounds for special lectures and workshops.

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Degree Offerings

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degrees

BFA with Concentration in Media Arts

BFA with Concentration in Directing

BFA with Concentration in Screenwriting

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degrees

BA in Film and Media Arts

BA with Concentration in Screen Studies

BA with Concentration in Cinematography

BA with Concentration in Producing

BA with Concentration in Post-Production 

Application Checklist

All FMA undergraduate applicants, freshman or transfer, must complete an application.  It is highly recommended that applicanta create an account and apply to the university within the TU Portal Account. Other options included submitting Temple’s Online Application or filling out a Common Application.

You also have the option of downloading the PDF file and submitting a paper application along with your supporting materials.

Required Materials

  • Temple University application and fee
  • Academic transcripts
  • Self-reported High School record
  • Standardized test scores (SAT or ACT) or Temple Option

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