Alumni Board

The School of Theater, Film and Media Arts Alumni Association (TFMA AA) is presided over by a Board of Directors composed of graduates of the School over many years in a variety of disciplines. This diverse group works collaboratively with the School and Temple University to create engagement opportunities for all segments of the School's alumni population. Current board members are:

Krista Apple, TFM '09 President

Alex Gibson, TFM '12 Vice President

Kait Calabro, TFM ’12 Treasurer

Amy Frear, TFM ’08 Secretary

Joanna Bak, TFM ‘18 

LaMar Bagley, Ed.D., TFM ‘01

Matt Bussy, TFM ’13

Chelsea Drumel, TFM ’12 (NY Rep)

Nicki Genovese, TFM '13 (LA Rep)

Lauren Hallenbeck, TFM ‘09 

James Madison, TFM ‘05

Dave Raynor, TFM ’97

Taylor Ressler, TFM ’15     

Sabriaya Shipley, TFM ’18        

Jaime Sweet, TFM ’14

Derrick Williams, TFM ‘98

Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, TFM '96, CLA '02

If you are interested in becoming involved with the TFMA Alumni Board or volunteering for an event or project, email

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