Interview with alum Filmmaker Halo Rossetti ('21)

Jun 10 2021

We were so excited to sit down with Halo Rossetti to discuss their new film PONY, their life as a queer filmmaker, their new pilot Aloft, and their recent success being named as a Writers Discovery Fellow.  


Cameron Clay (TFM '21) gets full ride to Columbia Film Grad School!

May 17 2021


"...I always try to create from a place of love" - Cameron Clay (TFM '21)

Hooray for Cameron Clay! The just graduated Clay (FMA '21) is going to be going to Columbia Film Grad School next year with a full scholarship!


Alumni Profile: Hansen Bursic (TFM '20)

Oct 28 2020

FMA '20 alum Hansen Bursic's Thesis Film is a Halloween movie centering on the scary times that come with  coming-of-age, rather than ghosts or goblins. Halloween 1987 is based on a true story of Jenny Jae Cory and a the Halloween night where what started as a costume gave her a new found confidence in her trans identity. The film won The Freese Film Foundation's 2020 Best writing/Directing and Editing Award.  


FMA Alum Lisa Marie Patzer (MFA '09) Exhibition at Da Vinci Fest

Sep 30 2020

This month, Pew Fellow and alum Lisa Marie Patzer's work will be on display as part of Da Vinci Art Alliance's Da Vinci Fest.

Alumni Profile: Jess Milner (TFM '20)

Sep 22 2020

FMA '20 alum Jessica Milner shares what she learned from the experience of directing a short film and studying in LA through Temple's Study Away program in the interview below!


Alumni Profile: Phillip G. Carroll (FMA '14)

Aug 11 2020


Alumni Profile: Kandis Hutcherson (FMA '14)

Jul 23 2020

FMA Alum Kandis Hutchenson went from learning about and appreciating the world of animation to working with Dreamworks in just a few years.

"I remember our MFA colloquium class where we had to introduce ourselves, and I had just discovered the animated series Avatar: the Last Airbender and spoke about it." Says Kandis, Now, 10 years later she works under Margie Cohn, CEO of Dreamworks, who was the executive that greenlit the series. When she had a one on one coffee with her, it felt "like a dream come true."

Alumni Profile: Jake Noecker, FMA 20

Jul 6 2020

Temple FMA students create amazing films and we were so upset not to be able to celebrate them this past Spring in our annual Diamond Screen Film Festival or our BFA Master Class Showcase. Because of Covid-19 and the fact that our semester was truncated, many of the films that we would have enjoyed at the end of the semester could not be finished. 

Alumni Profile: Rachel Sophia Stewart ('13)

Mar 25 2020

This year at our REEL GIRLS event we were honored to welcome Alum and multiple Emmy-winner Rachel Sophia Stewart ('13) -- we sat down with her recently. Rachel is a Senior Editor at History Making Productions and her work generally entails editing their main series and features.

Women's Fest is GO!

Mar 18 2020

Looking for something to watch tonight?
Women's Fest starts now!

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