Professor LeAnn Erickson documentary screened at Filmadelphia Series

Feb 26 2015

Temple University professor LeAnn Erickson had the Philadelphia premiere of  her award winning documentary
 Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII (2010) on September 16, as part of the Filmadelphia series, an event produced by the Philadelphia Film Society.

Professor Cagle Published in New Book about the History of Cinematography; Presents at Conferences

Feb 26 2015

Temple University Professor Chris Cagle of the Department of Film and Media Studies published an essay on classical Hollywood cinematography from 1928-1946 in Cinematography, a book edited by Trinity University’s Patrick Keating and published by Rutgers University Press(RUP). The book is part of the RUP’s Behind the Silver Screen Series; each volume is on a separate craft in Hollywood filmmaking.

The Process: Dialect Work in She Stoops to Conquer

Nov 7 2014

The cast works with Rosemary Hay on their character's accents

By Emily Young

The Process: Maggie Anderson, Choreographer

Oct 13 2014

Professor Anderson discusses the challenges and rewards of choreographing at Temple Theaters

By Deneia Washington

At a Glance: Costume Designs for BENGAL TIGER AT THE BAGHDAD ZOO

Sep 16 2014

Marie Anne Chiment's beautiful renderings for Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Mauckingbird Mix: Staged Readings of Queer Classics

Aug 27 2014

Mauckingbird Theatre Company in residence at Temple Theaters

By Deneia Washington

Faculty Profile: Maggie Anderson

Jul 9 2014

An Artist's Passion by Deneia Washington

Identifying as an introverted child, she found solace in the arts. From singing to dancing to even being a young and creative playwright, Assistant Professor Maggie Anderson’s past quest for artistic freedom soon became her life’s work.

Welcome New Faculty!

Jul 25 2013

The Department of Theater said good bye to two of our best longtime faculty members, Dan Boylen and Kathy Garrinella, and celebrated their combined 100 years of service to the department last fall. This fall we are happy to welcome three new members to our faculty: Maggie Anderson, Nancy Boykin, and Fred Duer. Professor Anderson and Professor Boykin were members of the Department of Theaters adjunct faculty and production staff. Maggie Anderson has taught dance and choreographed for a several Temple Theaters productions.

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