Graduate Students

Citizen Artist: Liz Carlson

Jun 18 2014

Graduate student connects community and theater by Deneia Washington Outreach is what brings many college students and community leaders together with knowledge-seeking youth in hopes that new information and new tools will help one steer away from a costly and dangerous path that may harm their future. But community outreach is not something that should be taken lightly.

Meet the Design Team: Cat Johnson

Oct 28 2013

Designer takes on the challenge of designing one set for three shows

By Luis Fernando Rodriguez

The designers of The Brother/Sister Plays were given the extra task of not designing one, but three shows in this mainstage trilogy. The Rehearsal Room caught up with set designer, and third year MFA candidate, Cat Johnson to see what the process has been like for her and what challenges she’s faced in tying all three shows together.

Meet the Design Team: Katie Dowse

Aug 29 2013

Oklahoma! costume designer, Katie Dowse, used the state's environment to inspire her designs.

By Luis Fernando Rodriguez

When looking for design inspiration for Oklahoma! Katie Dowse let the musical’s score speak to her.

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