2023-24 Theater Scholarship Recipients

2023-24 Theater Scholarship Recipients

Jun 4 2024

Temple Theaters is pleased to announce the 2023-24 Scholarship Awards, generously supported by the department, university, and distinguished alumni. We were able to give over a dozen deserving students financial support throughout the year, and we're proud to award them to these hardworking, burgeoning artists.

Fall 2023:

The Temple Theaters Alumni Scholarship was awarded to Rafi Mills.

The Paul Ryan Hutton Memorial Award recipient was Zach Holzberg.

The Alan Kosher Award was awarded to Miranda Watkins.

Spring 2024:

In honor of the Department of Theater’s founder and first chairperson, the Paul E. Randall Memorial Scholarship was awarded Erin Haugen.

The Adeline L. Wachman Endowed Scholarship in Theater Fund went to both Zenande Simani and Noah Sickman.

The Gladys Gordon Memorial Award for Theater recipient was AJ Decker.

The Zelma H. Weisfeld Scholarship was awarded to Wayne Fuller, Kit Longo, and Becky Wetzel.

The Beatrice Deglin Leder Theater Award was awarded to Bari Secondino and Briana Tucker.

The Benzwie Memorial Fund recipient was Megan Esch.

Our heartiest congratulations to all awardees! Stay tuned for more information about upcoming scholarships.

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