Alumni Profile: Nick Brown ('18)

Alumni Profile: Nick Brown ('18)

Jan 20 2020

This past weekend, we were able to catch up with 2018 Musical Theater Alum Nick Brown ('18) who is currently rocking the National Tour of the sensational musical Finding Neverland and starring as Elliot.

Between call times, Nick was gracious enough to answer a few deep questions about his life post graduation and what advice and info he has for current students. 

Q: Can you say a little bit about your path to being cast in the Tour of Finding Neverland?


A: My path to being cast in the Finding Neverland National Tour was definitely a unique one! It all happened during the summer while I was still in performances of Legally Blonde at the Walnut Street Theatre. I was actually auditioning for a completely different production than Finding Neverland, but the same casting team saw what I had to offer and, instead, asked me to submit for FNL. I found out less than a week later that I would be joining the tour. Although I did not get the show I was originally auditioning for, it was a positive reminder for me that our journey does not always go the way we expect or plan. When one door closes, another one opens and while I may not be right for one job, I could be perfect for something else! You never know what the people behind the table might see in you even if one project is not meant to be. Plus, I could not be happier with the way everything worked out because I am ecstatic to be on tour and loving my time with FNL!

Q: What has surprised you the most about the professional world once you graduated?

A: I would say the incredible amount of talent that is out there. Of course I was aware there are many talented theatre artists, but I don't believe I fully understood the true extent of it until I was out in the real world working with these people. While it could seem overwhelming at first, I see it as a privilege. I feel incredibly lucky to work with so many insanely talented artists on and off stage. The amazing people that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with since graduation has been probably the most special and rewarding part of my experience so far.

Q: What is your fondest Temple classroom memory?

A: There are so many! It's difficult to choose! But I would say one of my fondest is my freshman year Creativity class (and Acting 1!) with Amina Robinson. It was the perfect introduction to Temple Theaters as a young artist. I learned a lot about myself and as an actor that first year and our classes really bonded. Plus, every class with Amina is a literal Master Class and a joy!

Q: What's a Temple place (or food) that you miss the most?

A: I miss Champ's Diner! The breakfast there is to DIE for! I used to live right around the corner and was there at LEAST once a week.

Q: How would you recommend finding work in the field during and immediately following school?

A: SHOW UP. Your professors will tell you this and it is true: no one is going to do the work for you. No one is going to make you go to that audition early in the morning. You have to show up and do the work. Continue to make your face seen while presenting your honest self and best work and people will start to notice. Make connections! It is a small business and the friends you work with now could be the people giving you opportunities in the near future.

Q: What is your favorite Disney or Pixar movie?

A: Sleeping Beauty! Magic, a dragon, Prince Phillip, and that DRESS?! I mean, come on!

Try to catch Nick on Tour with Finding Neverland -- coming to a city near you!

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