A Day In The Life: Sam Dugan

A Day In The Life: Sam Dugan

Mar 11 2015

On Wednesday, February 4, junior Samantha Dugan recorded her very busy day for this new feature. In addition to being a dedicated student and employee of the Temple Theaters Box Office, Sam is also the stage manager of Temple Theater’s next production Arcadia, which began tech last Wednesday.  

7:45am. I have to resist the urge to let one single tear slide down my cheek, when my alarm goes off. But it’s Wednesday, which means class today.

8:50am. I’m showered, fed, and, with roommate extraordinaire Rachel Beecher, out the door and on our way to our first class: Aerobics. Ian’s great too, but he doesn’t do 9 am. we have to track how many steps we take in any given day. Self competition. The best kind.

9:00am. Aerobics started with a pop quiz on the muscles on the front of the body. Nothing says friendship like a last minute cram session. #I’mjustheretoexercise

10:00am. Theater History II with David Girard. We check in and learn about Chekhov (I’m not even sorry for that pun). We discussed The Cherry Orchard.

10:50am. My next class was canceled! BLESS. I take this time to get a vat of coffee from 7-Eleven and head to the library. I take the first thirty minutes to prep and print any and all extra paperwork for .

11:35am. I head upstairs to get a book for my theater history project. Alas, the “hungry at Costco” syndrome strikes. I intend to check out one book, I leave with six. Of course, the library doesn’t have a bag to give me. All aboard the hot mess express! Next stop: The Detective Novel, pulling up at Education Station.

 Sam Dugan with some friends from the Theater Department on a bright afternoon

Sam, right, with friends Lauren and Matt.

12:04pm. The professor, Dr. Amelia Friedman, enters the room and splits us up into groups to discuss the reading of Agatha Christie. Luckily my group consisted of Lauren Keleher and Matt Zarley. I can feel the eyes on me as I pull out my bag of grapes in the middle of class, especially from the student who is hiding his phone behind his iPad (seriously, you aren’t fooling anyone). My snacking habits are planned down to the minute, as time is precious and I’m hungry, so fight me, sir.

1:00pm. Lighting Design is canceled since  is in tech at The Merriam. So instead of class, I got to meet with the University Fire Marshall, John, to train in a special fire extinguisher for Arcadia. Usually that class goes until 2:20pm.

1:20pm. Intermission. I sit in the  with a few people and talk a bit about tech and summer stock. (Plug: APPLY FOR SUMMER STOCK)

2:00pm. Roommate room date with Rachel! Again, time is precious so we feast at Tai’s Vietnamese at the wall . When I hear the high and piercing “bourbon chicken no rice!” it’s as if the heavens part.

2:43pm. An update on the step count. So far, I’m at 7,942 steps. Riveting.

3:00pm. Weekly Stage Management meeting, colloquially known as the SMeeting. (We’re starting a revolution.)

4:00pm. The dress rehearsal schedule is finished! Now for an APO  meeting.

4:36pm. Snack run. There’s always time for snacks and coffee.

5:00pm. I move into Tomlinson before the crew is called. I take the time to nest and write in cues in my book for tonight. An empty stage is the most peaceful place you can find. Deep.

5:30pm. Crew orientation! Tech has officially begun! I welcome the crew, introduce them to everyone they’ll be working with, give them their assignments, and wrap it up with a Hannah Montana quote, because life really is what you make it. So, let’s make it rock.

6:25pm. Dress parade starts and the costumes are gorgeous. I sit, watch, and charge glow tape. Tech is a very hurry-up-and-wait type of ordeal.

8:12pm. LIGHTS GO! The first cue is always the hardest. Thankfully I have a great crew and great ASMs. They make my life so much easier. We work the opening set of cues a few times, then jump ahead. Then we hold, then we jump ahead. Then we hold.

9:22pm. 10 minutes please. Cherish your breaks. Get as much out of them as you possibly can. You can hit the vending machine, use the bathroom, fill up your water bottle, and solve a crisis in a 10, if you use it to the fullest.

9:55pm. Tech is done for the day. We cued 38 pages in two hours! That’s a third of the show!

10:20pm. I lock up the theater and head home.

10:43pm. Time to send out the report and the daily call for tomorrow’s tech.

10:53pm. The reports are sent out and I thankfully finished all my work for tonight. I made the mistake of sitting down. My room is so far from me now. But I have to make the long trek to my bed. I have to wake up at 5:40 am for work  tomorrow.

11:15pm. I finally find the drive to move to my bed. Update: I took 12,143 steps today.

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