Department of Theater adds new Theater Education 4+1 Program

Department of Theater adds new Theater Education 4+1 Program

Oct 27 2014

by Deneia Washington

In order to give students more ways of engaging in the theater world, the Department of Theater is now offering a Theater Education 4+1 Program, which allows students to earn both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in five years while preparing them for professional careers in theater education and outreach.  

As one of few schools on the East Coast to offer a Theater Education program and the only institution offering a Pennsylvania certification, Temple University's Theater Education 4+1 Program grants students the ability to receive a Bachelor's of Arts in Theater, a Master's of Education, and a Pennsylvania teaching certificate in four academic years and one full year of study. 

The 4+1 program provides opportunities for students hoping to pursue careers in academic settings, children’s theater, and educational outreach programs across the country. Program director Matthew Miller states, "The 4+1 degree will allow a student to teach English and Theater in the Pennsylvania secondary school system, grades 7-12. It allows a student to earn a BA in Theater Education, a super minor in English, a masters in Education, and have a semester long student teaching experience."

Students can take 12 graduate hours (four graduate courses) in the final two years of their undergraduate education, leaving only 19 credits left to fulfill after earning their BA. This makes the program a cost-saver, as students pay undergraduate rates for the graduate courses they take in their final years of undergraduate education. Those interested in the program must be driven and focused students, with a 3.5 grade point average and the desire to learn, grow, and share with others.  

The 4+1 program could be a good fit for someone who wants to enhance their skills in various modes of theater; the semester of high school teaching will help students in the program learn to troubleshoot different obstacles, as many high school drama programs are a one-person operation. Miller says, "Temple's BA program already helps students be well-rounded citizen artists, and the Theater Education 4+1  continues that tradition. 

Through advising and the electives in the program, students will be encouraged to diversify their talents in order to be that do-it-all kind of teacher." This program hopes continue to develop well-rounded theater artists, citizens, and teachers by enhancing their abilities to impart the knowledge and artistry of theater to the next generation.

A informal information about the program will be held on Wednesday, October 29 from 3 pm to 4 pm in the Tomlinson Lobby. Questions about the program can be directed to Matthew Miller at or Theater Recruitment at

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