Director Lynne Innerst on Midsummer Night's Dream

Director Lynne Innerst on Midsummer Night's Dream

Dec 19 2018


By Toree Weaver

Temple Theatres explored the concept of love with William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Lynne Innerst. With character transforming into animals and constantly falling in love, the play ties together numerous elements to tell an ever enduring love story.

With an advanced language, the actors have worked to make the dreamy story relatable to a modern audience. And considering that much of the audience is made up of students, director Lynne Innerst feels it is the climate to explore and laugh at the multiple complexities of the heart.

“It’s about the sort of insanity of love and the humor in it,” Innerst said. “I think the 'ludicrousy' of love, is always relevant.”

(filmed and edited by Sarah Mackus)

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