Get to Know Your Advisors

Get to Know Your Advisors

Mar 27 2018

by Toree Weaver

Academic advisors have become a vital part of the Temple college experience, keeping students on track and helping them find the right class load. Though they work countless hours to assist those who need it, the School of Theater, Film and Media Arts Academic Advisors have interests and expertise outside of Temple.

TFMA's academic advisors Lara Taylor Strayer, Jordan Greenwood and Amanda Cartularo all shared a little about themselves and their best advice for college students.

Lara Taylor Strayer revealed that during her time as a student at Temple, her college experience was very chaotic. Strayer became an academic advisor to help other students have a more organized journey through college. While meeting with and providing support for students everyday, Strayer shared some of the activities she participates in to help keep her motivated and inspired. When she is not assisting students, Strayer takes design classes in the city and has participated in a few fashion shows. She has also enjoys taking dance and yoga classes.

Bucket List: Teach English abroad

Piece of Advice: “Breathe a little bit, enjoy the time that you are here even when it’s stressful. Take some time away from the books and live your life a little bit… and then come back to the studying.”

Jordan Greenwood is another Temple alum who fell in love with advising after assisting in the advising office as an undergraduate student. She then went to graduate school to further her understanding on how to serve and guide students. Though she enjoys helping scholars, Greenwood likes knitting and cross-stitching in her free time. During breaks for the holidays she is able to dive into the craft and once knitted her entire family’s Christmas gifts. In addition to knitting, Greenwood enjoys reading and is currently working on a feminist challenge - only reading books written by or about women.

Bucket List: Take several months off dedicated to travel

Piece of Advice: “Don’t put this pressure on yourself to have everything figured out. No one has it all figured out.”

Amanda Cartularo found academic advising on a different path. After studying culinary arts, Cartularo switched career paths after the recession made it difficult to work in the restaurant business. After working as an advisor at a few other schools, she moved closer to home and became an advisor at Temple University. While she enjoys assisting students, Cartularo plans another career change; she's interesed in entering the legal field and is currently working on a law certificate.

Bucket List: Kayaking all fifty states and as many countries as possible

Piece of Advice: “Broaden your horizon with Gen Eds. You can find a minor or even second major by expanding your knowledge base.”


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