Holiday Giving to TFMA & Senior Thesis Film projects

Holiday Giving to TFMA & Senior Thesis Film projects

Dec 3 2019

There are oh so many ways to give on Giving Tuesday (and throughout the holiday season)! 

Frist, we would love for you to consider contributing to the Film and Media Arts department directly through the TFMA development fund, so that we can continue to provide the incredible level of film and media professional instruction that creates Temple FMA graduates that go on to do wonderful things. You can give to TFMA by selecting our school here:

BUT ALSO we have a number of Thesis Film Projects currently in the works that could use your help on this day of philanthropy and beyond! Check these out and give if you can -- even a small donation goes a long way! Maybe one of these stories (or all of them) will resonate with you!

a film by award-winning Director Hansen Bursic, explores gender identity, and self-discovery in a time when the language isn't there yet. Based on an unreleased memoir, the goal of this coming of age film is to reimagine the genre and center a timeless real-life trans story.
Writer/Director: Hansen Bursic
Producer: Kenagh Babcock
DP: Madeline Bishop
Editor: Eric McKelvey

This short psychological horror/thriller follows a young family on their way home from a lake. After experiencing car trouble they must rely on the kindness of strangers, though the strangers intentions may be as far from kind as possible.
Writer/Director: Jacob Boos
Producer: Kete Foley
DP: Andrew Baer

Mira, one of the few visiting Dierdre regularly, struggles watching her grandmother's health decline. Concerned with mortality, family tensions rise as Dierdre's children fight for medical decision-making capacity. Yet Mira, without hope for Dierdre, must decide if saying goodbye is worth the pain.

Director: Charley Parker
Writer: Fiona Tagliente
Producer: Madison Murphy
DP: Tyler Needham
Editor and DIT: Weston Taylor
Art Director: Brynn Hackett

After a tragedy, a young boy named Jack has to survive and provide for his family. With the help of his older friend, Charles, the two go on a hunt to provide food for a camp increasingly pressed for supplies. Along the way, they encounter situations that threaten to end their relationship.
Writer/Director: Michael Flynn
Producer: Claudia Hoffman
DP: Louisa Barreto
Editor and DIT: Christopher Maningas
Art Director: Brynn Hackett

We thank you so much for any and all support! 

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