Interview with Hansen Bursic on Jenny Jae

Interview with Hansen Bursic on Jenny Jae

Nov 15 2018

Hansen Bursic on Jenny Jae

Hansen Bursic talks about his documentary, Jenny Jae, which was seleced for the Diamond Screening Series  DIAMOND DOCS on October 31, 2018 

Jenny Jae takes place deep in the Endless Mountain Region of Pennsylvania, in the heart of Bradford County where a once small-town icon in her hometown of Towanda reflects on her momentous past, bringing joy to countless children as a Benjamin Franklin impersonator and educator. However, she is forced to confront her current reality that will never be looked at the same again by her town. Despite the loss of her status, she welcomes her new authentic self, as an openly transgender woman living in a rural area.

Hansen Bursic is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and LGBTQ+ rights activist based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With experience working for an LGBT+ non-profit and growing up queer right outside of Pittsburgh PA, Hansen is committed to telling transparent, meaningful stories through the complex identities many LGBT+ characters have. Hansen’s work has explored a variety of social issues like LGBTQ visability, transgender rights, rural representation, and youth empowerment all through personal, character focused short films.

(filmed and edited by Sarah Mackus)

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