Introducing the juries for the 2022 FMA BA/BFA Masterclass Film Showcase

Introducing the juries for the 2022 FMA BA/BFA Masterclass Film Showcase

Apr 13 2022

We are pleased to announce the juries for the 2022 FMA BA/BFA Masterclass Film Showcase, which will be held on April 19 at the Temple Performing Art Center -- Screening of the 2022 films will be at 5 pm and of 2021 Films will be at 8 pm!

We are particularly grateful to Alum James Madison of Expressway Cinema Rental for his incredible work in putting this amazing jury of artists together. 

Madison serves on the TFMA Alumni board and has been selected to receive a "Gallery of Success" award from Temple this year!

Take a look at some of the amazing names, Madison has put together to screen Temple FMA student films!


David Raynor (TFMA, ‘97), Neighborhood Film Company 
David Raynor is a Philadelphia-based Producer in motion pictures, television and multimedia. He received his BA from Temple University, graduating with honors from the Film and Media Arts Program. Since that time, he has worked on over 25 feature films (including eight with M. Night Shyamalan) many commercials, industrial videos, music videos and multimedia projects. His previous feature credits include Split, Creed, The Visit, Silver Linings Playbook, Limitless and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. He is a proud member of the Producers Guild of America and was formally a member of IATSE. Raynor was a founding board member of the Pennsylvania Film Industry Association (PaFIA), a group that advocates for the film and TV tax incentive in the state of Pennsylvania. Mr. Raynor is also the lead at Working Film Establishment, a group that works with formerly incarnated adults and teaches them the process of film and video production in preparation for full time, meaningful employment. 

James Doolittle, All Ages Productions 
With a career noted for innovative commercial, children’s and documentary programming, James Doolittle is the VP of Production for All Ages Productions, a full service creative film and video production company based in Philadelphia. For years, Doolittle oversaw multi-million dollar productions for NBC's Sprout Network, including hits THE GOOD NIGHT SHOW, THE CHICA SHOW and THE SUNNY SIDE UP SHOW. He has directed spot’s for Hasbro, Comcast, Aramark and NBC’s “The More You Know” campaign, while producing short form documentaries across the All Ages portfolio, for the likes of NBCU, Google and The Huffington Post, among others. His self-produced documentary CURTAIN CALL was hailed as “a vital testimonial to dedicated Philadelphia artists trying to impart and ignite something meaningful into young minds," and has furthered his producing talent behind such fare as IN THE VALLEY OF SIN and Sundance faves PHILLY D.A. and 32 SOUNDS. Website: | Instagram: @allagesproductions

Maureen McKenna, Commercial, Advertising & Film Producer/Executive Producer
Maureen was born in Philadelphia to working class parents. The oldest of seven, she has always been comfortable being in charge! She attended the University of Scranton and Richmond College in London. After transferring to Temple University, Maureen was moonlighting as a bartender when she met her first job prospect. Thinking she was interviewing for an internship, she was actually hired part time and began her days in the business writing and producing television and radio spots while working for her degree in Radio, TV and Film. Upon graduating a short time later, Maureen went freelance and dabbled in public relations, and other odd jobs, including a stint as an account rep. She began location scouting and before long was production managing on a regular basis. Frustrated with the shortage of good Assistant Directors at the time, she tried her hand at that as well, knowing that she would be producing soon enough and that job skill would serve her well.

Maureen spent the next few years producing various projects for Medical Broadcasting Company, now Digitas Health. She produced one of the first national pharmaceutical commercials to target consumers. Since then, Maureen has been a go-to freeleancer for Digitas Health over the years, both in the role of line producer as well as agency producer Her pharmaceutical experience has included work for AbbVie, Novartis, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, ConvaTec, Gilead and Mylan, to name a few.

Out of her need to be challenged, Maureen took on all sorts of projects over the years. She became a wanted person in the indie film world, as her ability to budget, breakdown and schedule a movie proved invaluable for many a production. One of her first mainstream motion pictures was “Philadelphia”, where she and her husband Donald found many of the locations for the film. She was then asked to organize the world premiere of the movie in Philadelphia, which would double as a fundraising event for local AIDS organizations.

What started out as an assignment at the 36th Super Bowl in New Orleans turned into a 4-year gig for NFL Films. Maureen became instrumental in establishing the new studio there. She also had the unique opportunity to work on the first NFL Live Kick Off Concert Event, which involved closing down Times Square in the middle of the week for a free concert, the first event of it’s kind for the League and for the city. She also was Associate Director of a weekly taped show- NFL Matchup for ESPN.

After so many years of doing so many things, Maureen was again looking to re-invent herself. Never one to be content with the way things are, she decided to shake up the Philly market a bit be deciding to start her own production company. She aspires to have her cake and eat it too, as she wants to continue working as a freelance producer, especially for her favorite clients! Maureen lives in Media, PA with her husband, Donald McKenna, one of Philadelphia’s top acting coaches.

Fred Breeze, Nancy Glass Productions
Entering his 14th year in television production, Fred Breeze has worked in just about every department on set. From assisting a camera operator and swinging a boom mic to being summoned on camera by Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible, all of that has readied Freddy for what it takes to manage the behind the scenes of many productions. Presently, Fred is a Line Producer for Philly based TV production company, Glass Entertainment Group and has worked on dozens of productions from national commercial spots to popular reality television shows for CBS, MTV, CNN, A&E, and Food Network to name a few.



Ricky Staub, Neighborhood Film Company 
Ricky Staub is a Writer/Director and Founder of Neighborhood Film Company, a production company that employs adults returning home from incarceration. His debut feature film, CONCRETE COWBOY, starring Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was acquired by Netflix. Previously, he received critical acclaim for his short film, THE CAGE, which went on win the Grand Prize for Best Narrative Short at the Heartland Film Festival and qualified it for Academy Award consideration. Instagram @ NeighborhoodFilm

Monique Impagliazzo (TFMA ‘03), Director 
Monique Impagliazzo graduated from Temple University with a BA in Film and Media Arts. Fresh out of college, she went on to work at the Mary Anne Claro Talent Agency. Mary Anne Claro referred Monique to Producer, Diane Kirman and Executive Producer James Brolin for the children's feature film musical, Standing Ovation. Monique signed onto the production as an Associate Producer. At History Making Productions she co-produces the documentary Women in Freedom. Soon after, she worked on Cheri Oteri's Pilot Presentation, The HOA, James Wahlberg's short film, If Only and Roku’s Murder House Flip. Monique's latest project, Turkey's Done stars SNL's Cheri Oteri, which won numerous awards from various film festivals, including Best Actress Cheri Oteri-Burbank Film Festival, Best First Time Director-Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Best Comedy Women's Film Festival in Philadelphia and Best Comedy-The Golden Door Film Festival in Jersey City.

Ryan Scott, Founder of Rough Cuts Filmmakers, Independent Director
Ryan Scott is a freelance Director and founding member and organizer of Rough Cuts. He genuinely loves doing this and the people he gets to work with whether he’s making his own projects or helping bring others to life. His films seek out the extraordinary in ordinary people, but he’s very comfortable working with celebrity talent, athletes and artists. People are people. With that said, he once fanned-out on Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, when running into him in an airport Terminal. More importantly, he’s not an a**hole, people like working with him and he is grateful for the effort that every single person on and off set pits forth. Rough Cuts Filmmakers has become a central gathering point in the creative community, bringing together emerging creatives and seasoned professionals to workshop creative content, share ideas and network with likeminded Philadelphia filmmakers. Rough Cuts is a community where collaborations have resulted in award-winning films, Superbowl commercials, Emmy TV shows, and a whole lot of filmmakers developing their craft.
Personal website:
Personal instagram: @ryanscottfilms

Simone Holland, Independent Director/Cinematographer
A creative to her core Simone Holland, cross-pollinates visual art through her short-form commercial and documentary work. Directing/DPing projects for companies like Red Bull, Atmos USA, legendary singer Jazmine Sullivan and being a part of the creative direction team for the 2021 BET AWARDS. Simone focuses on amplifying the voices of those who do not have the space. As a 2021 Emmy Award winning Camera Operator and a 2019 Mural Arts Philadelphia Black Artists fellow, Simone continues to push boundaries through directing multi-medium film-based projects.


Zachary (Ziggy) Gamble, Format
Ziggy Gamble [Temple FMA ‘11] is the Post-Production Technician and Editor at Format. Although he edits frequently, his main focus is leading the development of their virtual production department. He edited the narrative feature I AM THAT (dir. Joy Marzec, 2018) which went on to win Best New Mexico Feature at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, Excellence in Film at the Defy Film Festival, Critic's Choice at the L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival, and Best Feature at the Houston Pacific Islander Film Festival. It was released by Green Apple Entertainment and distributed on Amazon Prime and DirecTV. Ziggy additionally edited the short film By The Lake (dir. Hunter Davis, 2019) which screened at Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Oregon Film Festival, and Los Angeles Cinefest. Instagram: @format.made Personal Instagram: @danger.gamble

Steve Perrong, Neighborhood Film Company, Director/DP/Editor
Steve Perrong is an award-winning Director and Editor for Neighborhood Film Company in Philadelphia. He has been a part of projects for Netflix, AMC, HBO, NFL, NBA, MLB, Apple TV+, Universal Pictures, and more. 

Kathryn Cates, Freelance Editor
Kathryn is an editor and union assistant editor working in Philadelphia and elsewhere on both narrative fiction and nonfiction projects. Her recent credits include Our American Family, Preserving Democracy: Pursuing a More Perfect Union for WNET, and the Showtime programs Billions and Three Women.

Nic Justice, Watchme Rise Films, Director/Producer/Editor
Nic Justice has been shooting films professionally for 15yrs. After bouncing back and forth on crews between NYC and LA, He landed in Philadelphia where he created Watch Me Rise films a production company for clients who are creating good stories in the world. A founding member and organizer for Rough Cuts Filmmakers which has become a central gathering point in the creative community, bringing together emerging creatives and seasoned professionals to workshop creative content, share ideas and network with likeminded Philadelphia filmmakers. Rough Cuts is a community where collaborations have resulted in award-winning films, Superbowl commercials, Emmy TV shows, and a whole lot of filmmakers developing their craft.
Rough Cuts Filmmakers:
Instagram: @roughcutsfilmmakers
Personal website:


Drew Saracco, Freelance Director of Photography
Drew Saracco is a freelance Director of Photography based in Philadelphia. Drew has worked for some of the largest brands in the world for some of the largest advertising agencies in the world, but more importantly, he is dedicated to his craft, the quality of his work and elevating the creative output in the market. Drew has become a favorite of directors, producers and clients in New York and Philly and has deep roots in the creative community of crew and contractors in the region.

Instagram: @drew_saracco

Jen Schneider (TFMA ’09), Writer/Director/Director of Photography 
Jen Schneider is an award-winning cinematographer based in Philadelphia with roots in the New York and Los Angeles markets. She is an ICG Emerging Cinematographers Award recipient whose work has been seen at Cannes, Sundance, Cameraimage, and many top-tier venues. Jen is a proud member of the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600, Writer’s Guild of America, as well as the film collectives Cinematographers XX and International Collective of Female Cinematographers. Her recent work includes writing, directing, and shooting for an upcoming documentary for the PBS science series Nova, titled Can We Cool The Planet?

William Dejessa (TFMA ‘10), Founder Rittenhouse Filmworks, Director of Photography 
William DeJessa is a Cinematographer with a ranging style in narrative, documentary, experimental, and surreal cinema. His work has been featured on Netflix, Showtime, VEVO, VICE, ABC, Billboard, Huffington Post, E!, and screened internationally at film festivals. Since graduating Temple University, William has travelled the world in the pursuit of his craft. William was most notably nominated for 'Best Cinematography Debut' at Camerimage in 2015 and was the winner of Napa Valley's 2014 Jury Prize for Cinematography and Art Direction. Among other achievements William DeJessa is a founding member of Rittenhouse Filmworks, a predominant film studio in the Philadelphia Area. 

Expressway’s whole Camera Department will confer and make one selection
Creative concepts need support to become creative content. Content Creators need the right
tools to flourish and Philly’s creative market needs young talent to grow. It is Expressway’s
mission to facilitate creativity, build infrastructure and create opportunities. Expressway’s
Camera Department is composed of dedicated professionals who have spent years cutting their
teeth in the field and are proud to be Philadelphia’s largest, most experienced, supportive and
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