Making Temple Theaters More Accessible

Making Temple Theaters More Accessible

Apr 4 2019

By Toree Weaver

With compelling stories, intriguing designs, and relatable characters, the world of theatre has touched many lives. As it continues to expand, organizations and initiatives have dedicated their time to ensure it is accessible to as many people as possible.

Temple Theatres, with the help of Art-Reach, Overbrook School for the Blind, The Institute on Disabilities and audio describer Nicole Sardella, is in the process of creating an outreach program designed to provide a better experience for theatre goers who are visually impaired or blind.

To ensure improved accessibility, the program will incorporate a few new elements to Temple Theatre productions. After the appropriate funding is raised, professional audio training for students will be available along with audio description and “touch tours”.

The program outlines four professional trainings to take place under the leadership of Saradella and Temple alumna Victoria Romano from Overbrook School for The Blind. Not only will this provide a better experience for audience members, but will allow students to use their training in other culture-based programs (including museum and event tours)  to further promote inclusion.

In addition, students from Overbrook School for the Blind will be engaged as consultants, giving them much needed professional development.

“Touch Tours” will allow individuals who are visually impaired or blind to participate in a sensory experience, including props and costumes, before the show.

With a goal of $5,000, Temple Theatres has created a simple and easy to use donation link through Temple Giving's OwlCrowd. Any amount will help the program become more accessible to theatre lovers that come from all walks of life.

Donate today @:

Make your donation count even more, by donating during Temple Toast on Thursday, April 25! The department that has the most active donors on that date (by percentage of people regardless of amount) will receive an additional $5000 toward funding the school.

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