MFA Student Spotlight: Noah Herman

MFA Student Spotlight: Noah Herman

Dec 15 2016

by Logan Beck 

Noah Herman worked as a freelance director in Philadelphia for several years, after graduating from Muhlenberg College where he studied acting and directing.

Herman found himself beginning many projects, sometimes working on several projects in one day. He always knew he wanted to teach theater full time one day, and was intrigued by the concept of working in
a more focused environment.

He found that environment to cultivate his skills in Temple University’s Theater Film and Media Arts Department Master's program.

This semester, he is directing Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, as part of his directing practicum. The
culmination of the class is called “The Shakespeare Project,” in which he and another student, Amy Blumberg, are directing Shakespeare plays.

They're each one-act adaptations of the full text, and they are running in the Randall Theatre at Temple from December 2 - 10,” Herman said. “We are very excited to share our work with everyone at Temple!”

Next semester, Herman and Blumberg will also be separate productions of Love and Information, a play about relationship dynamics in a technological world. The show will run in Randall Theater from April 19-30.

Herman’s favorite aspect of being a director is having the opportunity to be the “master storyteller,” or in other
words, ensure that all of the elements in the production are coming together to give the audience a unique experience.

“My experience so far at Temple has been eye-opening,” Herman said. “I love how hands-on the work is, and that we're able to do a lot of directing, but also how based in theory and history it is at the same time. So far I have learned a lot about the director's role as a play's "outside eye." Often times our job is to sit back and not do as much as we often think we have to, but rather to give the actors' the tools they need to tell the story and then to let the actors find things themselves.”


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