NextFrame International Student Film Festival announces 2014 finalists

NextFrame International Student Film Festival announces 2014 finalists

Feb 26 2015

We are proud to announce our NextFrame International Student Film Festival selections for our 2014 festival season! Our selected films are now being shown in our virtual movie room at Winners will be selected and announced in the upcoming months. More information about a physical screening will be announced soon.

Temple University’s NextFrame, a student run, online film competition, celebrates the work of students from many versatile backgrounds. Dedicated to the artistic vision of young filmmakers everywhere and the use of emerging technology, NextFrame provides an easy to access festival platform for the work of all undergraduate and graduate filmmakers.

 Congratulations to all finalists, and thank you to all who submitted their beautiful work.

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Our 2014 Festival Selections: Narrative

Timothy by Marc Martínez Jordán

Typist by Sergey Vlasov

Dentro del túnel (Into The Tunnel) by Sergio Román

Maquette 1:1000 by Doris Chiaching Lin

The Viewers by Docteur Pierre-Loup

Our 2014 Festival Selections: Documentary

Hip-Hop, mi desahogo (my release) by Simon Rasing

Skile by Sara Markovic

The Columbarium by Tyler Trumbo

The Round Barns of Vernon County by Shahin Izadi

Misophonia by Marianne Skovdahl

Streets To Cal Our Own by Kara Lieff

Our 2014 Festival Selections: Animation

Image by Yousef Jafary

(In Her Footsteps) בצעדיה by Michal Shpiegelglas and Inbal Ochyon

Umbra by Pedro Atienzar

Gerdas Veg (Gerda’s Way) by Jérémy Pailler

Our 2014 Festival Selections: Experimental

Instalife by Benjamin Rost and Alex Schuster

Tub by Gloria Endres de Oliveira

080 Язык ветвей (The language of branches) by Konstantin Vihrev-Smirnov

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