Professor Rod Coover honored with Faculty Award for Creative Achievement

Professor Rod Coover honored with Faculty Award for Creative Achievement

Apr 1 2021

Congratulations to Professor Roderick Coover for his being the recipient of this year’s Faculty Award for Creative Achievement. Presented by the Provost, the award recognizes outstanding creative work that is considered to have national and/or international significance. Each recipient receives a $5,000 stipend and framed certificate.

Professor Coover has been instrumental in advancing the Film and Media Arts program at Temple, recently securing a sizable grant for VR and AR facilities and tech. An active practitioner in these new mediums, Coover inspires his students to learn and utilize the most innovative techniques available and to push the boundaries of Film and Media.

Says Professor Coover, “One of the things I’ve seen for students is how much new cinema technologies and VR in particular are opening up career avenues. VR is a technology that a lot of people want to understand and want to use. There is a hunger for new and young expertise, as well as new and young imagination because it involves seeing the world in a new way, which is part of each new generation’s task: to present that world. So we have helped students develop technology and also a vision of how to use VR to present their picture of the world and this is what the older generation wants to see and invite into the professional arena. So this is a very exciting moment.” 

Thanks to him, Temple FMA students are able to enter into this blossoming professional world with the experience they need to continue to change the future of how we experience cinema. Thank you Professor,  congratulations on your well deserved award and congratulations to all the 2021 Faculty Award winners!

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