Student Spotlight: Samantha Begelman

Student Spotlight: Samantha Begelman

Dec 3 2015

Film student finds opportunities with Philadelphia internships

by Logan Beck

Senior film production major and business studies minor Samantha Begelman has always had a passion for movies, and knew that one day she wanted to bring the magic of film to life.

“I love how movies can change society more than almost anything else,” Begelman said.

Begelman has had the opportunity to explore the industry as an intern for the Greater Philadelphia Film Society and the Philadelphia Film Office. She also served as the co-director for Temple’s NextFrame International Student Film Festival for two years.

“My internships gave me the opportunity to interact with people in my community that I have always looked up to and hope to follow after,” Begelman said.

As an intern, Begelman spent a lot of time interacting with Philadelphia filmmakers, by helping them find locations for shoots and also doing script coverage. Additionally, she assisted with community outreach through social media campaigns and community calendars.

Her dream job is to work her way up the ranks in a production company in either Los Angeles or New York, for either a major film or a television production company.

Begelman says she loves “film people,” and the fact that she gets to be surrounded by them everyday. “I love that everyone that I am surrounded by is passionate about their work,” Begelman said. “I love that everyone is creative and unique, yet also extremely business savvy.”

According to Begelman, her main mentor during her time at Temple is LeAnn Erickson. “She has helped to shape my future career in many ways,” Begelman said.

During her years in the film program, Begelman feels she has learned many technical skills that will serve her well in her career, but the most valuable asset she has acquired are her classmates.

“My fellow students, especially Temple's FMA graduate students, have taught me more than I could have ever imagined,” Begelman said.

Her biggest advice for aspiring film students is to make films, even if they are unsatisfied with their work in the beginning.

“You are not going to be great right away,” Begelman said. “But you will get better with practice. Also, no matter how good you get, you can always be better. You can always learn more. Also, be a good person. No one wants to spend 12 hour set days with a miserable person.”

Although she’s accomplished a lot in her short time at Temple, Begelman believes that her biggest moment is yet to come.

“The thing that I am most proud of so far however has been my ability to submerge myself in the film department while also keeping a balanced life outside of my major,” Begelman said.

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