THANK YOU! We WON the Temple Toast 2019 Challenge!

THANK YOU! We WON the Temple Toast 2019 Challenge!

May 6 2019

#TempleToast 2019 on Thursday, April 25, 2019 was a huge success for the entire university – Over 3,000 Owls donated and close to $500k was raised for the school!

In particular this was a win for the students, alums and friends of TFMA! A challenge that was leveled to the entire university was WON by TFMA after septupleting our goal (destroying it by over 700%) which earned TFMA $7k in “challenge funds.” (our sister school, Boyer was another winner, along with the Temple Ambler Campus).

But that’s not all  -- the Center For Performing and Cinematic Arts Challenge, given by Dean Stroker was ALSO won by the Theater School for an additional $5k in funds!

Temple Toast is not about financials, however, it is entirely about connecting with people. Each of the challenges were won, not by breaking monetary goals, but by getting more people involved than we ever thought possible.

An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who gave this year!

Many of the donations were made to an Owlcrowd funding project for Temple Theaters, working to expand their accessibility to patrons of the theater who are blind by working with Overbrook School for the Blind and the students there. This is going to be an incredible program next season that demonstrates Temple’s commitment to access and disability rights.

As in everything, it’s the people that matter. And as the next class of Owls goes out into the world, we urge them to remember, we are the T. The people of Temple will always be there for them.

Consider supporting those that are coming up next! 

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