Three Temple FMA Online Exhibits you HAVE to check out

Three Temple FMA Online Exhibits you HAVE to check out

May 21 2020

Can you drift ghostlike through a cityscape? Live the quarantine life of a stranger? Explore virtual representations of the Chapel in the Performing Arts Center (now with a fountain)? Its pretty hard to do right now -- but online nearly everything is possible -- that’s one of the thrilling parts of these incredible pieces designed by Temple's Film and Media Arts students. 

At the end of a usual semester, Temple Film and Media Arts would present the Diamond Screen Film Festival and Media Arts Exhibition. The event is a two-day extravaganza that includes film showings, award presentations, tributes, and exhibitions of Media Arts projects. Obviously, this year, this highly anticipated annual event had to be cancelled. However, many of our FMA Media Artists have put together exhibition material that is completely mind boggling, beautiful and poignant. Take a look below for three of these incredible exhibitions. 

Temple Film and Media Arts / BFA Media Arts Online Exhibition
We welcome you to browse our BFA Media Arts Online Exhibition 2020.
The site features Hope Abrom's Sr. BFA Thesis project "Royal Shadows" working across
avant-garde opera and video gaming as well as works by Juliana Concepcion, Chia Hsien Lin, 
Zella Ferin-Niles, and Regina Aguilar Valdes w/ Prof. Chet Pancake

Temple Film and Media Arts / Freshman Media Arts 2 Film Festival
The work of these (now rising sophomores) will take your breath away! Serving as both a document of our times and a testament to the creative excellence of FMA Freshman, the Media Arts 2 Film Festival Online presents over 60 short video works exploring documentary, experimental, and narrative themes.

Virtual Chapel Gallery
​​​​​(Best to view it in Chrome)
The year-end Exhibition of the final projects for Media Arts & Theory material is usually staged in the Chapel in Temple’s Performing Arts Center. Since we couldn’t be there, the FMA students made their own with the generous help of Alum Lucas Wozniak (FMA ‘19). The Virtual TPAC Chapel is an amazing feat including 5 navigable Unity 3D projects, 2 video walkthroughs of Unity, one video project, and a draggable 360º video. Artist Statements are also presented. Use your touchpad in combination with the W key (to go forward), A (turn left), D (turn right) and S (turn backward).

The students featured are: Anisa Hosseinnezhad, Jungmok Yi, Ben Susser, Jana Williams, Jason Giaccone, Kiki Lin, Lisa Huang, Danielle Hope Abrom, Gabby Gutierrez, Zella Ferin-Niles, Juliana Concepcion

Take some time today to (virtually) wander around these amazing projects! 

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