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Summer Digital Filmmaking Intensive

The 2021 Summer Digital Filmmaking Intesive is BACK as an interactive online workshop! 



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The School of Theater, Film and Media Arts is proud to offer a two-week Online Summer Digital Filmmaking Intensive for high school students of all levels from July 5th to July 16th. This online interactive workshop centers on the creative and technical fundamentals of screenwriting, cinematography, directing, editing and sound for digital short storytelling. With the mentorship of FMA Instructor Marygrace Navarra (MFA)  and FMA Assistant Instructor Heather Bronge (MFA), each student will learn and implement the filmmaking process from inception through completion.

By the end of this dynamic 10-day program, students will have completed their own film that includes dramatic arc, cinematic framing and composition, shot sequencing, continuity editing and sound design. Title design and end credits will be created for complete finessing of each project.

Due to our Temple University summer campus COVID-19 restrictions, this years Digital Filmmaking Intensive will be held online.  Instructors will use Zoom to interact with students and livestream equipment and technology demos from the Film and Media Arts TV Studios and Post-production Labs.  Students will be required to have a consumer digital video camera for cel phone of any sort that can shoot video.  Students will also need a computer or tablet at home that can edit video such as the free software iMovie or a subscription to Adobe Premiere.

Students will follow the representative daily schedule below to work online and offline to create  their own compelling short films for festival submission or personal portfolios:

  • Morning Zoom:
    • 9:00am – Community meeting and check-in
    • 9:30am – Lesson 1 – Story Craft and Narrative Structure
    • 10:30am – Break
    • 10:45am – Online Screening (Student exercise review & screening and/or award-winning short film)
    • 11:30am – Group Analysis and Discuss
  • Lunch (12pm to 1pm)
  • Afternoon Zoom
    • 1:00pm – Live stream equipment / software demo with Interactive Q/A
    • 2:00pm – Daily Creative / Production Assignment Instructions
  • At Home Exercise
    • 3:00pm to 5:00pm – Students complete daily exercise at home

We conclude the intensive with a final online streaming screening event on the Temple Film and Media Arts Vimeo and social media channels for friends and family. Additionally, all films are submitted for consideration to screen in a special program at Temple University’s annual Derek Freese Youth Media Festival.

Who: High School Students at all levels

Where: ONLINE Zoom – Interactive Learning and Live Streaming from Temple University - Main Campus, Annenberg Hall, 2020 N. 13th St Philadelphia, PA 19122

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