Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Robert Stroker, Committee Co-Chair – Dean and Vice Provost
Rollo Dilworth, Committee Co-Chair – Vice Dean

Academic Programs Subcommittee
Noriko Manabe, Chair – Associate Professor, Music Studies
Suzanne Hall – Associate Professor, Music Education
Marcus DeLoach – Associate Professor, Vocal Arts
Michael Tanksley – Student, Music Studies
Imani Moss – Student, Theater
Beth Bolton – Vice Dean, CPCA

Alumni Relations and Community Engagement Subcommittee
Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, Chair – Associate Professor, Theater
Jason Lindner – Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications, TFMA
Michael Schaller – Alumnus, Music Education
Laura Lizcano – Alumna, Jazz Studies
Sabriaya Shipley – Alumna, Theater
Jennifer Jordan – Assistant Dean, Development and Alumni Relations, CPCA

Assessment and Communications Subcommittee
Rea Tajiri, Chair – Associate Professor, Film and Media Arts
Dustin Cates – Assistant Professor, Music Educations/Vocal Arts
Anisa Hosseinnezhad – Student, Film and Media Arts
Kartik Nair – Assistant Professor, Film and Media Arts
Ashanti Spells – Student, Film and Media Arts

Culture, Climate and DEI Education Subcommittee
Sherril Dodds, Chair – Professor, Dance
Kartik Nair – Assistant Professor, Film and Media Arts
Brandon McShaffrey – Assistant Professor, Vocal Arts/Theater
Moriah Ella Mason – Student, Dance
Doug Wager – Associate Dean, TFMA

Human Resources Subcommittee
Joyce Lindorff, Chair – Professor, Keyboard Studies
Tim Warfield – Assistant Professor, Jazz Studies
Stephanie Ben-Salem – Student, Keyboard Studies
Sue Alcedo – Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, CPCA

Policies, Procedures and Operations Subcommittee
Mark Huxsoll, Chair – Director, Temple Music Prep
Eric Schweingruber – Director of Operations, Instrumental Studies
Samuel Nebyu – Student, Instrumental Studies
David Brown – Assistant Dean, Administrative Affairs, CPCA
Jason Horst – Director of Operations, CPCA

Recruitment and Admissions Subcommittee
Darlene Brooks, Chair – Associate Professor, Music Therapy
Patricia Cornett – Assistant Professor, Instrumental Studies
Juan Zambonini – Student, Music Therapy
Savannah Whittenburg – Student, Vocal Arts
James Short – Assistant Dean, Admissions, CPCA

Student Life Subcommittee
Elizabeth Parker, Chair – Associate Professor, Music Education
Amina Robinson – Assistant Professor, Theater
Joseph Callahan – Student, Music Education
Edward Flanagan – Associate Dean, Boyer