Diamond Screen Film Series: DiamondQ (LGBTQ+) Film Festival

Diamond Screen Film Series: DiamondQ (LGBTQ+) Film Festival

Nov 10, 2021

Wednesday, November 10, 2021@ 5pm –– at TPAC

(online 11/10 - 11/16) 

After being cancelled due to COVID, The DiamondQ Festival is back featuring a juried selection of films created by and/or highlighting topics that surround LGBTQ+ artists. In cooperation with the Queer Film Collective, a panel will curate the festival evening which will feature screenings as well as a video interview with director Hansen Bursic (BFA '20). 


This years' program: 

“Test” directed by Savanna Dracup ⁣ 
“Silver Soul(s)” directed by Cass Snyder⁣ 
“Halloween 1987” directed by Hansen Bursic 
We cannot wait to share these incredible films with everyone! See you on November 10th at Temple Performing Arts Center

Event is Free and open to the public

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