Women's Fest Film Screening

Women's Fest Film Screening

Mar 31, 2017
Annenberg Hall, Rm. 3

Diamond Screen Film Series and Mise-en-Femme Productions present

First Annual Women's Fest

A showcase of selected undergraduate and graduate work from the Department of Film and Media Arts, celebrating women as writers, directors and cinematographers.


Greetings from Browned Blue Flowers (4:36) Udochi Ekwerike
Push Through (2:14) Gabriella Megni
Number 32 (9:36) Linnea Mae Langkammer
19th Century Nudes (5:40) Brianna Byrdsong
Shadows and Movements (2:07) Sophia You
Ladycock Johnson (6:19) Renée Sevier
Amber Alert (7:03) Danae L Robinson
Outfit (3:05) Adrienne D’Agostino
Beatitude (5:25) Alaina Clune
She Wants (5:42) Linh Than
Today, the Good Old Days (2:48) Gabriella Kashi
Manic (2:06) Taylor Nelson
EarthQuest (4:27) Shot by: Eurica Yu
Ayahuasca (2:20) Kaila Shields
VENUS MAN TRAP (2:36) Lucy Soutter
PACO (11:55) Catalina Jordan Alvarez
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