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Finances and Scholarships

It is important to fiscally plan for your time in Los Angeles. In addition to tuition and housing, you will need to budget for transportation, food and other miscellaneous expenses. Anticipated costs are outlined below. You will also find additional information about scholarships and financial aid.  

Tuition and Fees

Your tuition costs will remain the same when you are in Los Angeles. Please refer to Student Financial Services Cost of Attendance page for up-to-date information. 

Out-of-pocket expenses will vary for each student. The following is an example based on the Film and Media Arts department (tuition costs vary by major). 

LA Study Away Program Costs
Graduate students may participate in the program for a minimum of 2 credits. Please contact Alison Crouse, Program Director of LA Study Away, at
Housing Costs

KAPI Residences - Temple LA Study Away will work directly with students to secure fully furnished accomodations in the Burbank area, providing maximum flexibility to our students. Housing options are available at varying price points. Approximate pricing below includes all utilities, high speed internet, and Apple TV. For more detailed information, see our Housing and Transportation page. 

  • 2BR  - Shared bedroom with shared bathroom (4 students, 2 per bedroom/bathroom) = $1,600/mo.
  • 2BR - Private bedroom with private bathroom (2 students, 1 per bedroom/bathroom) = $3,200/mo.
  • Parking spaces are available for an additional $75/mo. 

A non-refundable holding deposit of $500 is due to KAPI at the time of application, 2 months before move-in.
Approximately 20 days prior to move-in, you will pay a one-time placement fee of $250. 


You will need to consider your transportation to and from Los Angeles, as well as local transportation once you arrive. These costs can be significant, and should be considered thoughtfully. For more detailed information than the approximations below, visit our Housing and Transportation page. 

Transportation to LA: 

  • Flight: Approximately $600 round trip
  • Driving across country: $450 in gas (at $4/gallon) not including hotel stays and food
  • Shipping a car: $850-$1,000

Local transportation in LA:

Costs vary widely depending on your mode of transportation within the city, but it's safe to say that whether you plan to rideshare or rent a car, you need to budget for this expense. 

  • Rideshare: $500-$1,500 (with less flexibility)
  • Car rental: $2,400-$3,000 (more flexibility, and necessary for some internships)
Financial Aid

Financial aid will transfer to a fall or spring semester in Los Angeles. Students intending to participate during the summer should speak with Student Financial Services about alternative or additional forms of funding. Information is available on their website found here.

Non-Temple students wishing to apply their financial aid must provide FMA Study Away with a Consortium Agreement issued by the financial aid office of their home institution. Please contact Alison Crouse, Program Director of LA Study Away, at for more information. 


*Scholarships granted by Study Away will be applied as a credit to your Temple bill. It may not appear until the official release date of the first e-bill of the semester. (Check the bursar's billing schedule.)

LA Study Away Digital Media Award

To support two outstanding candidates in their endeavor, we are excited to announce a competitive scholarship contest with two separate awards, each for $1000. All applicants will be evaluated based on financial need, academic achievement, and work/creative experience. Recipiants will provide LA Study Away with thoughtful and informative content to be used for recruitment purposes. 
*Priority is given to students who are not eligible for the Lew Klein or the CLA Internship Award. 
**Deadline: Last day of program application period each semester.

Jason Schoenagle Scholarship
(Summer semester, FMA students only)

Jason Schoenagle
Temple's undergraduate program enabled Jason Schoenagle  to develop the creative and technical skills needed to pursue his interest in film, and soon after graduation he moved to Los Angeles to start his career.
He found employment quickly in a competitive industry and advanced at a fast pace, receiving high praise and accolades from his supervisors and colleagues.  
Jason created a huge network of colleagues and friends and was very enthusiastic about his work. We have created the Jason Schoenagle Scholarship Fund to honor undergraduate students who excel academically and who have passion for the Film and Media Arts, as Jason did.

Additional Scholarships

Temple Merit Scholarship Summer Educational Enhancement Stipends of up to $4,000 are awarded to honors students to advance academic goals over the summer. (These awards are not determined by FMA Study Away). 

Honors students receiving a summer stipend may apply this to their study away experience. Check with your advisor for details.

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