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DAER Certificate Program

Temple University’s Graduate Certificate Program in Documentary Arts and Ethnographic Research (DAER) is a 13-credit interdisciplinary program that involves faculty and courses in the Center of the Arts, the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Media and Communication. 

The Certificate in DAER builds upon Temple’s strong international reputation in documentary film and visual anthropology. The program is open to students in M.F.A. and Ph.D. programs university-wide and it is ideally suited for students who plan to incorporate visual studies, ethnographic methods and documentary practices in their artistic and scholarly projects.

The DAER program’s philosophy is to promote a broad and critical use of diverse media tools in the study and representation of culture(s). The program topics include: the theories, methods, aesthetics and ethics of documentary research and visual representation; the relationships between artistic, humanistic and scientific visual research methods; the collaborative use of visual media in indigenous, diaspora, and non-Western communities; the critical understanding of the use of new media in documentary contexts, such as mobile media; and the political economy that shapes how images are made, distributed and used worldwide.

Students in this program develop skills to:

  • create cultural and cross-cultural documentary projects
  • integrate visual and cross-cultural materials in scholarly and applied research
  • incorporate cultural aesthetics, research ethics, cross-cultural research and the use of documentary media tools in their teaching careers
  • work on collaborative research projects involving multiple countries and contexts; these might include scholarly research, international government and nongovernmental research, policy development, and media activism.

This program is only open to students enrolled in Temple University PhD and MFA programs. Enrollment is limited.


Dr. Roderick Coover
Film and Media Arts Department
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