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Roderick Coover – Program Director (Center for the Arts – Department of Film and Media Arts)

Roderick Coover is Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in Film and Media Arts. Professor Coover holds a BA from Cornell University (1989), an MA from Brown University (1994) and a PhD in the History of Culture from the University of Chicago (1999). Professor Coover’s works explore ways new technologies shape visual research, documentary methods and creative practices. His works include films, interactive video arts, books,  museum installations, works for public spaces and works for immersive environments including CAVEs.  His courses rigorously integrate production and theory; the courses emphasize cross-disciplinary forms of experimentation and collaboration. 


Nora Alter (Film And Media Arts). Area: Essay Film, Film Sound, Critical Theory.

Warren Bass (Film & Media Arts). Area: Documentary Film Production.

Seth C. Bruggeman (History). Area: Archives, Visual History, Public History.

Chris Cagle (Film And Media Arts). Area: Documentary Film History.

Seher Erdogan Ford (Architecture). Area: Multisensory Representation, Architectural Heritage.

Philip Glahn (Art History). Area: Art, Technology and Contemporary Culture.

Bapa Jhala (Anthropology) Area Visual Anthropology/India

Dustin Kidd (Sociology). Area: Sociology Of Art And Popular Culture.

Patrick Murphy (Media Studies and Production) Area: Global Media, Media and the Environment, Latin American Cultural Theory

Laura S. Levitt (Jewish Studies/ Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies). Area: Gender studies

Kartik Nair (Film And Media Arts). Area: Popular Culture, Cultural Theory, Asian Film.

Miles Orvell (English). Area: History Of American Photography

Emily Neumeier (Art History). Area: Historical visual culture, art and society, Islamic art.

Erin Pauwels (Art History). Area: Photography and critical media theory

Gerald Silk (Art History). Area: Visual Studies/Technological Iconography

Alan Singer (English) Area: Aesthetics, Narrative Form.

Damien Stankiewicz (Anthropology) Area: Visual Anthropology/Media in national identities

Rea Tajiri (Film & Media Arts). Area: Documentary Production, Asian-American Film.

Ashley West (Art History), Visual Culture/17th C German Art History

Byron Wolfe (Photography). Area: Photography, Re-photography, Landscape. 

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