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Insurance, Procedures & Legal Docs for Students

Student filmmakers are required to obtain certificates of General Liability and of Property Insurance, if obtaining equipment from outside the Film and Media Arts Department.

Working with Minors: Please see memo Using Minors in FMA Productions regarding departmental policy and procedures for clearances to work with minors. 

All certificates are managed by:

Office of Risk Management and Insurance
Carnell Hall, Rm. 600,
1803 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Insurance Certificate Request Instructions for Film Students

There are two main areas of liability associated with the activities conducted by Temple University FMA students: General Liability and Property Liability. 

General Liability

The General Liability Policy of the university protects both the university and the FMA student while that student is acting within their scope of academic duties either during shoots on campus or off-site. It protects against third party actions in which bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage is alleged as a result of some action by the University or FMA student. Most of FMA students will need a certificate of insurance evidencing general liability during their time at Temple.

To request a certificate of General Liability Insurance, email the office ( with the following information:

  1. Name of the film
  2. Name of student and TUid number
  3. A signed copy of a Faculty Endorsement Document
  4. Name and street address of each filming location, and the date(s) of filming at each site

Requests take at least seven business days to process; so please submit your information at least two weeks prior to the start of filming. Once all items are submitted, the request will be processed.

Property Insurance

The property insurance policy protects the university and yourself against damage to Equipment that you rent or lease during your film project.


For equipment rented from Temple’s Film and Media Arts Department, a certificate of insurance is not required.*

For equipment borrowed from the Equipment Office of the School of Media and Communication, students are required to submit a signed copy of the Equipment Loan/Rental Policy and Agreement.*

For outside rentals, students must email the office ( with the following information:*

  1. Name, address, and email address of the rental firm
  2. Itemizing a list of each piece of equipment from the rental firm with individual item value and total value
  3. If the filming is for more than one day, location and address of overnight storage
  4. Name of the film
  5. Name of student and TUid number
  6. A signed copy of Faculty Endorsement Document
  7. Name and street address of each filming location, and the date(s) of filming at each site

 Please allow seven business days for processing TU Property Insurance requests.

*Please note: Property Insurance does not protect items left in vehicles. Storing equipment in vehicles is prohibited under some rental agreements. Students should consider taking out an additional personal property or rental property insurance policy.


 Students are not permitted to sign contracts or agreements.

If the filming location requires a signed agreement, it is important that you forward this information immediately to:

These documents frequently require negotiation and cannot be completed on short notice.

Please, when planning a project, try to identify the locations far in advance to give adequate time for the review and approval process if a contract or agreement is required. The University may not be able to agree to certain location requirements.


Please note: all contracts outside the purview of Temple should be checked with an entertainment lawyer.
Need Help?: Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Template forms available: 
- Work For Hire - Services Agreement for Crew
- Location Release
- General Talent Release
- Option Purchase Agreement

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