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LA Study Away Courses Offered Online This Fall

Fall 2020 classes will be held online this fall, and open to all students without application.
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New from LA Study Away - An online course offered online from the heart of the industry!

Hollywood Head Start - FMA 2670: 
Los Angeles is the most prominent hub of entertainment industry jobs in the
United States, and as such, it attracts aspiring professionals from all over the world. How can you make
yourself stand out from the crowd in such a competitive environment? This course equips students from a
range of majors with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to successfully launch their careers in LA.
Whether your goal is to study, intern, or work in Los Angeles – or perhaps all three – this course will give you a valuable head start.

Ideal for those interested in earning academic credit while enriching their experiences beyond main campus, the Los Angeles and Venice programs offer exceptional opportunities for students in the School of Theater, Film & Media Arts and the University. Coursework and activities cross disciplines and course numbers, providing students with a stimulating environment in which to establish relationships with, and to gain insights from, their peers. Film & Media Arts Study Away Programs are open to both Temple University students and visiting students.

Additionally, the Department of Theater hosts a program in London, and Temple University offers many educational opportunities abroad in Italy, Spain, Ireland, Japan, and other locations. 

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