Film and Media Arts

BA Programs

The Bachelor of Arts program allows students to follow five tracks of study based on their interests. Students may pursue production concentrations in Cinematography, Producing and Post-Production. These three concentration provide technical foundation to prepare students for careers in film. Students are required to submit an application form after completing 60 credits to enter one of the three concentrations.

Students may also enter the Screen Studies Concentration, which explores the history, cultural significance, and aesthetics of film. No special application is required for this program. 

Students who do not select a concentration will remain enrolled in the BA in Film and Media Arts, which is the most flexible of the department's five BA tracks.     

To Apply for a BA in Film and Media Arts with Concentrations in Cinematography, Producing or Post-Production

To be considered for one of the three concentrations, students must complete 60 credits by the conclusion of their sophomore year, earn a grade point average of at least 3.0 in five foundational and intermediate courses, and submit a Program Application Form to the department.  If a student has less than an average of 3.0 in these courses, the student may petition the department for admission into one of the three upper level concentrations or choose to remain in their initial program, either the BA in Film and Media Arts or the BA in Film and Media Arts with a Concentration in Screen Studies.

For more information, please contact Professor Allan Barber, Director of Undergraduate Students, at


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