Film and Media Arts

BFA Programs

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program offers students a focused, arts-based Film and Media Arts education, highlighting personal, creative expression.  Students in the BFA program may concentrate in Directing, Media Arts, or Screenwriting. These concentrations require at least 70 credit hours in Film and Media Arts Department, providing more intense and specialized studies in the ceative aspects of filmmaking and media arts.

To Apply for a BFA in Film and Media Arts with Concentrations in Directing, Media Arts or Screenwriting

The BFA degree is an upper-level program with three distinct concentrations.  To be considered for admission, students apply at the conclusion of their sophomore year after completing 60 credits, with acceptance based on a creative portfolio and academic performance in departmental courses.  Students interested in one of the BFA concentrations must submit a Program Application Form to the department. The form must be submitted to the department no later than the last day of classes in the semester in which the student reaches sixty credits. Students with less than an average of 3.0 in the six courses may petition the department for admission to one of the BFA concentrations. (See department for details.)  Students who were not admitted to one of the BFA concentrations can continue in the BA in Film and Media Arts or the BA in Film and Media Arts with a Concentration in Screen Studies or apply for one of the three upper-level BA concentrations. 

Transfer students who have transferred Film and Media Arts courses with a grade of B or better may apply to the BFA program.   These students must also present a portfolio.   Transfer students with an associate’s degree in a related field who are accepted into the BFA program will most likely need additional semesters to complete their degree. Actors on a film set



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