Film and Media Arts


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Media Arts students should refer to the Temple course bulletin for clarity on graduation requirements


Foundational Courses

These courses form the foundation of the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, with the exception of the BA with Concentration in Screen Studies. These course are to be completed by the end of the student's sophomore year. 

Media Arts I

Media Arts II

Media & Culture 

Introduction to Film & Video Analysis*

*Students pursuing a BFA with Concentration in Media Arts are required to take Survey of New Media, which can take the place of Introduction to Film & Video Analysis

Students seeking a BA with Concentration in Screen Studies are require complete the following by their sophomore year. 

Media Arts I (or) Media Production for Non-Production Students

Media & Culture

Introduction to Film & Video Analysis 

Learn more about the requirements on the Undergraduate Bulletin


Each concentration has its own requirements. Please see the concentration pages for more information about requirements.

FMA Minor in Screen Studies

The Department of Film and Media Arts offers a 19-22 credit-hour minor which is available to undergraduate students from other departments and colleges. The Minor in Screen Studies provides students with the opportunity to sample the aesthetics, history, and cultural significance of moving-image media.  A notation on the transcript will indicate successful completion of the minor.

Learn more about the requirements of a minor on the Undergraduate Bulletin

Cameraman on a film set

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