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Opportunities for Veterans

Dan Speers directing

The Department of Film and Media Arts offers veterans and active military personnel the opportunity to tell their unique stories through a program that focuses on the development of creative and technical skills in film, video, audio, and new media, as well as the theoretical understanding of media and culture. In addition, study away and internship programs provide professional mentoring, networking opportunities and career work experiences.

By learning diverse approaches to production and theory, graduates are prepared to produce independent media work, assume creative leadership roles in the entertainment industry or pursue further studies while making a significant impact on the culture in which they live.

The Department of Film and Media Arts is a top tier production and studies program, offering the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Master of Arts, and the Master of Fine Arts degrees. With an enrollment of over 600 undergraduates and 40 graduate students, the Film and Media Arts Department educates engaged artists, who are also critical thinkers and scholars, attuned to the issues facing media makers today.

Jamel Nothern


Jamel Northern (MFA ‘15)

“One thing the Army taught me was, that when facing events that will test you severely, you need only to look to your left and your right for support. Filmmaking is also a test, and I’ve found fellow students just as willing to help me.”


Dan Speers


Dan Speers (BA ‘13)

“ The Army and the film industry are both hierarchical organizations. In film directing, everything rests on your shoulders so it’s important to remember that it is your responsibility to complete the mission for everyone involved, not just yourself.”


Carolina Roca-Smith


Carolina Roca-Smith (BA ‘04, MFA ‘11)

“The Air Force instilled in me the confidence that I could accomplish anything I dared to dream. The well-rounded education I received at Temple University gave me the skills and knowledge to succeed in film and life.”


In addition to providing quality programs that prepare students for careers in film and media arts, Temple University offers several benefits for veteran and active military personnel. Learn more on Temple Veterans page.
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