LA Study Away Application

Requirements for All Students:

  • Hollywood Head Start - FMA 2670
    This course, required prior to participating in the LA Study Away Program, will assist students in resumé and cover letter building, internship research, and the beginnings of Program and placement applications.
  • Internship guidelines
    This document outlines typical responsibilities entailed in applying for and interning in the entertainment industry. The one-page explanation is a must read for all students. Guidelines found here.
  • Junior or senior status
    (minimum of 63 credits) by the end of the previous semester 
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 
    If GPA is below 3.0, applicant must petition for LA Study Away consideration by completing this form.
    Non-Temple students must submit an official transcript to FMA Study Away
  • Two recommendations from professors or TAs
    Students must inform instructors of the application deadline, indicate the
    semester they anticipate attending, and forward the online reference form
    found here.
  • A current résumé 
    BEFORE completing this application, please download and use the following template for your résumé, or submit a comparable 1-page format that includes all required information. 
  • A 1-2 page essay
    BEFORE completing this application, please write a 500-1000 word essay (saved as a .pdf) explaining why you want to participate in the TFMA Los Angeles Study Away program. Please address any combination of the following topics:
    • Why are you drawn to a career in the entertainment industry?

    • What are your professional goals?  (Or, where are you in the process of understanding and defining your goals?)

    • How will this program contribute to your personal and academic development?

    • Why are you a good candidate for this program?  How will your participation in the Program contribute to other students’ experiences of the LA Study Away Program?

    • What do you expect to gain from an internship experience?  What do you feel that you offer to a potential internship employer?

    • How will you use this opportunity to represent Temple University?


The LA Study Away Scholarship application is a separate form and may be found here



Study Away Applicant General Info
Which pronouns do you use to describe yourself? If "other," please specify below.
If you selected "other," please list the pronoun you would prefer we use when referring to you.
Format: mm/dd/yyyy
If you have another email address you'd like us to contact you at, please indicate that here.
Please provide your primary phone number here. Preferred format is 2155555555
Study Away Applicant Academic Records
*Non-Temple students should submit a copy of their official transcript to FMA Study Away.
Students with a GPA under a 3.0 must complete a petition for consideration. Link at top of page.
HHS is a prerequisite for the LA Study Away Program. If you have not taken this course, you can petition by contacting Alison at
Merit Scholarship stipends are awarded on admittance to Temple University and are not determined by the department of Film and Media Arts. The application to apply any funds you may have been awarded to LA Study Away is separate from this application. Students are responsible for visiting the Merit Scholarship page, completing the application by the stipend deadline, and notifying FMA Away when they have done so. Merit Scholarship page:
If you are receiving funding from other sources, please list here. If not, please say "NO."
Current Address
Study Away Applicant Guardian Contact Info
Professional References
Reference 1
Reference 2
Study Away Application
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
Your description might include the type(s) of position you are looking for, an area or field of the entertainment industry you want to explore, or the type of company or work environment in which you are interested. Please articulate more than just a list of company names.
I acknowledge that I have read the TFMA Los Angeles Study Away Program’s Internship Guidelines and I understand the typical duties entailed in an entertainment industry internship. (Link to guidelines found above).
I also understand that the TFMA Los Angeles Study Away Program does not secure internships for participants but only guides and advises participants on the process of applying, and that I will be responsible for applying for and securing my own internship(s) based on my own professional qualifications.
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