Study Away

Application Process and Information

The TFMA Los Angeles Study Away Program is an academic semester with a professional development emphasis, during which students take a full-time courseload of 12 or more credits in the Fall or Spring semesters, and 7 or more credits in the Summer. This includes an internship in the entertainment industry. 

The LA Study Away Program is an emotionally demanding experience and entails a rigorous amount of work. Additionally, because students interface with companies and working professionals in the entertainment industry and, in doing so, act as representatives of Temple University, the Program expects a high standard of professional behavior from participants.  As such, the LA Study Away committee’s criteria for application review include the following:

Academic Record

  • GPA of 3.0 or above; or student petition to be considered for program found here.
  • Favorable instructor references

Demonstrated Ability to Apply and Compete for Internships

  • Résumé formatted as per LA Study Away guidelines, or a comparable 1-page format that includes all required information

  • Prior work experience (media-related work, non-media-related jobs, other internships, or volunteer work)

  • Clear articulation of applicant's career goals, interests, and passions

Professional Presentation:

  • Demonstrated writing abilities and communication skills [Please Note: Your application and application materials should be error and typo-free and written with correct grammar and punctuation.]

  • Acceptable professional demeanor and self-presentation in all communication with LA Study Away faculty and staff


References can complete the Recommendation Form here.  

To apply for a LA Study Away Professional Development Award, complete the online form. The award application deadline is the same as the application deadline for a given semester.



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