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Venice Biennale Program

The Venice Biennale Program will present students with a unique opportunity to travel abroad and earn academic credits while exploring first-hand a major international Biennale. Courses, classroom discussion, and guest lectures will be enhanced by tours designed to provide insights into the international art scene. 


Undergraduate students enroll in the two courses listed below, in English, for a total of seven credit hours.

History of Experimental and Avantgarde Film, Video and Media: (choosing one of the options among the cross-listed courses):

Art History 2660: Topics in International Cinema (4 credit hours) 
Film and Media Arts 3770: Topics in Film Study (4 credits)
Art 2806: Art Matters (3 credits) + Art 4082: Independent Study (1 credit)

Global Art Forms: Toward a Fantasy of Making: (choosing one of the options among the cross-listed courses): 

Art History 2000: Topics in Art History (3 credit hours) 
Film and Media Arts 3680: Foreign Studies in FMA (3 credits)
Art 3896: PDS Seminar (3 credits)

Graduate students will enroll roll in two courses, Art History 8460: Seminar in Contemporary Art (3 credits) and Art History 8470: Seminar in Modern Art (3 credits). Graduate students will follow the same curriculum as the two undergraduate classes, will participate in the same activities. However, they will be expected to submit a more extensive final paper and to do additional readings and have one extra meeting a week.

For more information including dates, cost, and application process, please visit Temple University's Education Abroad website.



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