FMA Financial Aid

The Department of Film and Media Arts announces new funding opportunities for MFA students. Applicants to the MFA Program in Film and Media Arts are eligible for these awards. Most students accepted into the MFA Program in Film and Media Arts will receive some form of funding.*

FMA Departmental Four-Semester Teaching Assistantship Awards: 50% tuition support and 50% stipend for four semesters (semesters 1-4 or semesters 2-5).

FMA Special Achievement Awards: Teaching Assistantship awards, offering a minimum of 100 % tuition support and stipend for semesters 3, 4 & 5.

FMA Departmental Teaching Assistantship Awards: Partial tuition support and stipend support (varied values).

University Fellowships: 3 Years, 100% Support, with teaching assistantships semesters 3, 4 & 5.

Fulbright Support: FMA also accepts international Fulbright Award students. Fulbright students generally receive 100% tuition & stipend support for three years, with teaching opportunities.


See Financial Aid section for more information. 

* All awards can be applied to the 54 credit program, at the rate of 13 credits per semester. All awards are based on, and dependent upon, students maintaining an excellent record of achievement and advancement in the program. Students are nominated for awards during the application process. The MFA is normally a three-year, six semester program. Most students are eligible to teach as adjunct faculty in their sixth semester.
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