Alumni Spotlight: Jake Rasmussen (BA '14)

Alumni Spotlight: Jake Rasmussen (BA '14)

May 18 2018

Alumnus Finds Success as Editor, and now host, at Viceland

by Hadiyah Weaver

Alumnus Jake Rasmussen, an editor for Viceland, recently was recognized with two Clio Awards for his work. Founder of Grog Movies, Rasmussen also host a new series on Viceland, Jake Loves Movies.

Rasmussen (BA ‘14) is only twenty-six years old, but he began creating short films decades ago. Rasmussen was taught by his mother, LeAnn Erickson, a professor at Temple, how to edit at around five years old.

“I just picked up a camera; it was like a toy for me. And I would make my own films when I was little--short pieces; I got better by practicing a lot.”  Rasmussen said.

The Abington, Pennsylvania native then pitched his first comedy short video to HBO when he was in the third grade. The video was chosen to be a short on HBO’s Family Channel, and Rasmussen used the money earned from the competition to buy his first Play Station 2. From there, he never stopped creating.

Currently, as a video editor for Viceland, Rasmussen works on the marketing team where he edits promotional videos such as trailers and reels for upcoming shows.

Rasmussen first became interested in Vice as a senior while at Temple University. After interning with Vice his last semester in college, Rasmussen moved to New York post graduation with hopes that they would hire him, and they did..

Rasmussen stresses the importance of taking advantages of opportunities like internships especially while in college.

“I always tell people the most important thing is to get internships early. At least for your senior year, try to make sure you have one. Making sure you get an internship towards the end of your career in college is important to have.” Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen doesn’t shy away from utulizing the networks he established while at Temple. He and his Temple roommate Karl Weimar wrote and directed their own show, ‘Grog Show’ on TUTV. Grog turned into a post-graduation side project that they both work on during their spare time.

“Karl starting writing down things I would say in my sleep, and we kind of just made that into a short series. We still make stuff and we’re writing so it’s kind of like a side hustle.” Rasmussen said.

Grog Movies has won international film contests, and featured many nationally known comedians on their comedy shorts like Emily Lynne and Mitch Lewis.

Along with Weimar, Rasmussen is thankful for many of the professors at Temple that helped him along his journey during undergraduate.

“I could name them, but really all of them have really helped into some capacity,” Rasmussen said.

As for being a young, successful creative, Rasmussen credits that to the encouragement that he’s received from his parents and undeniable hankering to continue creating.

“I can’t stop thinking about constantly making stuff. Just the passion of wanting to edit, wanting to produce and wanting just getting out there and wanting to do it.” Rasmussen said.

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