Diamond Screen Film Series: Women's Fest

Diamond Screen Film Series: Women's Fest

Mar 19, 2019

Department of Film and Media Arts presents

Diamond Screen Film Series: Women’s Fest
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
5pm screening, 6:30pm talkback, 7pm reception



Diamond Screen and Mise-en-Femme is proud to bring the Women’s Film Festival for the 3rd year as an all-inclusive FREE event that is open to the public.

All are encouraged to enjoy the films, panel talk with industry professionals, and the following reception to mingle with filmmakers as well as representatives from Philadelphia area film organizations ready to share information, resources, and more upcoming film opportunities.

The PANEL will consist of

-LeAnn Erickson (Temple Professor)

- Alex Gibson (Festival & Events Director at the Philadelphia Film Society)

- Katherine Clark (filmmaker)

moderated by TFMA alumni Kait Calabrò (Marketing Manager at Philadelphia Film Society) & Amy Frear (filmmaker and actress).


High Tide - dir. Lindsay Vitale - A dysfunctional, NYC Lifeguard’s fading kingdom of beach and booze is challenged when a younger woman joins the team and refuses to play by the rules for her own mysterious reasons. USA. 16 minutes.

Doesn't it Hurt? Chapter 1 - dir. Heather Bronge - A reflective exposition unfolding one family's lives through the emotional and physical scars they’ve acquired shown through the journey of personal home video footage and present day conversational interviews.

Lemon Nipple - dir. Chloé Rossetti - Part of "aph·ro·dis·i·ac," a series of quasi-instructional videos exploring fruit-based ecosexuality.

Not in the Mood for Love - dir. Qiyue Sun - A new in town international student from China has a serious conversation with her father, who shows more interest in the Philadelphia Marathon than his daughter.

picnic - dir. Kaelyn Lefurgy - the things we women offer may be too sweet for some, maybe not even digestible, but the ants will come no matter what.

Blessed Body, Ache - dir. Udochi Ekwerike - Blessed Body Ache, is a visual poem that journeys through the impacts of physical and mental pain on Black bodies.

Armenina: This Too - dir. Natassia Kuronen - “Armeninia: This Too” showcases the emerging surf culture in post war Liberia by exposing the world to West African surfers, Melvin Kabakole Jr. and Philip Banini. In a country marred by high rates of deaths by drowning, we follow these characters as they experience the opportunities surfing is bringing to the next generation of Liberians.

welcome to my new cyborg body - dir. Lucy Soutter - Just picked up a new body from Ikea, just wanted to do a quick haul to show you guys.

Invasion - dir. Samantha Morris - When Nadia's home is infested by mice she sets out to eradicate them before finding herself invaded by other past demons she must confront

Writing Lesson - dir. Marygrace Navarra - “Writing Lesson” is an optically printed visual poem that addresses the task of making meaning. The piece harnesses urgent writing on multiple frames of clear leader to evoke poetic rhythm, motion, space, and emphasis filmically.

85 Berwick - dir. Alex Cahanap - A short film about my childhood home and my family's immigration story.

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