What IS Under Milk Wood?

What IS Under Milk Wood?

Apr 18 2019

Check out this amazing trailer for UNDER MILK WOOD by Dylan Thomas

Temple Theaters: Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas (Apr. 18 - 27)

Under Milk Wood's director Peter Reynolds describes the show as: “A happening...we drop into these people's lives and get to know them and learn about their day to day activities and then...we leave their lives.”

A trailer for this beautiful production of the famously epic and charged poetic spoken drama, by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, kaleidoscopically illustrates one day in the lives of the characters in the fictional fishing village of Llareggub.

Under Milk Wood preview is tonight and opening is tomorrow! You can still get tickets for the show, either online or call the box office (215) 204-1122. The box office is open 12pm - 6pm Monday - Friday. Link for tickets is here: https://tickets.vendini.com/ticket-software.html…

Interview by Audrey Ward

Filming and Editing by Sarah Mackus-- 

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