Temple FMA: Virtual Cities At The Kimmel Center

Temple FMA: Virtual Cities At The Kimmel Center

Dec 5, 2019

Thursday Dec. 5 at 7 pm at the Kimmel Center!!
Part performance, part discussion, Temple FMA students will present new ideas and projects at The Kimmel Center’s SEI Innovation Studio.

Come join in a conversation around how Performance, Film, and Digital Media might help us better understand the Virtual City as we look to what Philadelphia might be like in the future.

The presentation is FREE - more info here: https://www.kimmelcenter.org/events-and-tickets/201920/free/the-virtual-city/

With this new class at Temple University for the fall semester 2019, Professor and Artist Roderick Coover and The Kimmel Center’s Producing Artistic Director, Jay Wahl, guide Temple University students as they workshop new multimodal projects through an experimental combination of performance techniques and emerging cinematic technologies.

FMA students have spent the semester working and thinking with guest artists, such as jazz pianist Marcus Roberts, choreographer Kate Watson-Wallace, and percussionist Doug Hirlinger, in preparation for this final presentation. The course aims to produce experimental and collaborative ideas bridging sound, image, and performance around themes of the city.

Prof. Roderick Coover is the author of the upcoming book, The Digital Imaginary – On the Emerging Shapes of Literary, Cinematic, and Database Arts. He is also Director of both the Documentary Arts & Ethnographic Research (DAER) Certificate Program and the Documentary Arts & Visual Research (DAVR) PhD Program. He serves as Co-Director of the MA Program, School of Theatre, Film and Media Arts for Temple University. Check out his work here: https://unknownterritories.org/

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