Bridging FMA and Theater in one website

Bridging FMA and Theater in one website

Feb 18 2020

Professor Marcus Giamatti Tells you about The Bridge

(You can learn more about The Bridge from its creator, Professor Marcus Giamatti, in the interview Above!)
(*features pictured are from an earlier version of the site)

Have you heard about the Bridge? No, not the Ben Franklin Bridge! “The Bridge” ( is an online hub created by Professor Marcus Giamatti in collaboration with The School of Theatre, Film and Media Arts as a networking tool to connect Temple Theater Students with Temple Film and Media students.

Students can post casting calls and crew calls, upcoming events, as well as their headshots, resumes/bios, and video clips. Projects listed on The Bridge features projects such as short films, feature films, screenplay readings, in-class filmed assignments and more!

"The Bridge actually works. Many students have been cast in films, used in screenplay readings and FMA classes and projects."

“The Bridge is an amazing opportunity for our actors to be a part of something new here at Temple. Something groundbreaking, something that may shape the way we connect the schools of film with the schools of theater not just here at Temple, but at at Universities around the country.  It is an active, educational casting tool that brings these two art forms, these two schools, together; helping TFMA to become mutually inclusive. Not mutually exclusive.”

The Bridge provides actors the on-camera experience they need for a successful career in the performing arts and provides dilm students with talent for a wide variety of projects. 

“It is so important for our actors to take advantage of this opportunity, as any experience they can get in front of the camera, now, while in school, and connect with creative and passionate student filmmakers who want to dig deeper, raise the bar of their craft and help add to each other’s creative tool-bag--is invaluable.”

Visit The Bridge today at:


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