Filmmaking Owls take home over HALF of Scribe's independent Media Fund Awards! 

Filmmaking Owls take home over HALF of Scribe's independent Media Fund Awards! 

Apr 1 2020

By Jake Fittipaldi

The mission of Scribe Video Center, a non-profit organization founded in December of 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is to explore, develop and advance the use of electronic media, including video and audio, as artistic media and as tools for progressive social change. 

Each year, Scribe administers the Philadelphia Independent Media Fund awards grant to Philadelphia area independent media makers with current digital video and audio projects. 

Evaluation of proposals and selection of grant recipients is made collectively by members of media arts organizations in the Philadelphia area who are involved in media making, educating and supporting local artists, as well as by individual members of the independent film and digital media community.

Recently, Scribe granted $42,790 in Philadelphia Independent Media Funds to local artists and we are proud to say that Filmmaking OWLS make up 11 of the 20 grantees! 

As we mentioned, The Media Fund awards are granted to Philly-area media makers with video and audio projects in the planning, next level, or finishing stages, filling needs for local artists that often struggle to obtain funds to begin and complete their work.

Temple grantees include Alumni: 
Jasmine Lynea Callis (TFM ‘15)  for Dinagyang (Joy)
Lisa Marie Patzer (TFM ‘13) for Houses of Domestic Memory
Rachael Moton (TFM ‘17 ) for Paper Trail
Jos Duncan (FOX ‘01) for Falakah Fattah and the House of Umoja
Ryan Saunders (TFM ‘00) for SteelPan Now!
Tatiana Bacchus (CLA ‘96)  for Ulrick
Sophia Poe for Unnoticed: Poverty and Depression

As well as Temple Faculty members: 
Chet Pancake for  Me and My Daddy
Michael Kuetemeyer (TFM ‘94) for Places of Power
Rea Tajiri for Wisdom Gone Wild 
Stephanie Malson for Slow Burn

We're so proud of all of these grant recipients and can't wait to see the resulting projects. These grants are ,ade possible with support from the Wyncote Foundation and the Independence Public Media Foundation. 
You can learn more about the Philadelphia Independent Media Fund here:

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