FMA Seniors present: A Digital House Show

FMA Seniors present: A Digital House Show

Apr 11, 2020

TFMA is happy to promote The Digital House Show, a digital benefit concert, Led by FMA Seniors Madelyn Van Trieste & Hansen Bursic in an effort to help our Film and Media Arts Seniors who had to cancel or postpone all or part of their thesis film fundraisers and now face out of pocket costs to finish their films.

Our seniors have such passion and dedication for their craft and deserve support towards bringing their creations to life instead of getting undercut due to an unfortunate situation. The pandemic has affected college students worldwide, so this a great way to give back to our FMA Seniors.

Led by Bursic, the concert is inspired by the numerous house show fundraisers that have taken place over the years to help film students raise money for their productions and also the local musicians that have inspired and collaborated with student filmmakers in the past. Due to the pandemic, live streams and online shows have increased in popularity, with large numbers of viewers in tow.

We hope with this show that the audience not only gets to experience music in a new light, but for local Temple musicians to express themselves, show their original music, and help the film community.

The Digital House Show will premiere at 2 PM on Saturday the April 11th on Facebook and YouTube and will be linked here (Link coming soon)

The show will run at least 3 hours (until 5 pm) -- feel free to pop in at any time.

This is a FREE event but donations via Venmo are encouraged. All of these performers are doing this concert as a benefit in support of the BFA Thesis films so any donation goes a long way. Performers include Willa Rose, Rubber, Derek Morgan of PhillyGreen, Sebastian Reyes, Slowsie, rego, and Kaile Martinelli.

Want to know more about some of the films that are being supported? Check it out:

Walk Me Out
By Director Kyle Crago, Producer Brandon Rasche, DP Nathan Cripe & Editor Joey Tighue

Walk Me Out tells the story of Winslow, a young, reclusive pianist who learns that he may be losing the use of his hands. While leaving the doctor’s office after receiving the devastating news, Winslow coincidentally runs into his ex-girlfriend, Cassidy, who has just been fired from her job as a nurse. Their cold, awkward reunion is interrupted by a mass alert signaling the imminent apocalypse. The situation is made even stranger by the appearance of two mysterious strangers, who may or may not be their doppelgangers. An increasingly absurd chase through the city ensues as the protagonists struggle with frightening realizations about their own identities.

Halloween, 1987
By Director Hansen Bursic, Producer Kenagh Babcock & Editor Eric McKelvey
Halloween, 1987 is a short, coming of age film about Cory, a teenager convinced to dress up as their girlfriend for a Halloween couple’s costume. The Halloween costume turns self-actualization as dressing as a woman causes them to question their gender identity. This all set in 1980's suburbia where Cory does not have the modern language to guide them through these complex feelings transgender people experience. Based on an unreleased memoir of a trans woman who grew up in rural Pennsylvania, the goal of this coming of age film is to reimagine the genre and center a timeless real-life trans story.

By Director Lindsay Allen & Editor Taylor Nelson
Grier is a short, dark comedy about an out of control, detached from reality, and neglected daughter as her actions are the repercussions of a failed relationship between her and her Mother, Sloane. After Sloane’s death, she is unable to move on as she must come to terms with the recent news that her life was built on a huge lie and that Sloane is not her actual Mother. Grier is constantly reminded of her failed relationships and somehow she always seems to be at the center of them all. This film puts females at the forefront in a genre commonly dominated by males and creates a relatable narrative on the impact of grief. 



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