Interview with alum Filmmaker Halo Rossetti ('21)

Interview with alum Filmmaker Halo Rossetti ('21)

Jun 10 2021

We were so excited to sit down with Halo Rossetti to discuss their new film PONY, their life as a queer filmmaker, their new pilot Aloft, and their recent success being named as a Writers Discovery Fellow.  

PONY was created by an all LGBTQ+ and diverse team. In PONY, the protagonist, Zoe, a late-'90s genderqueer pre-teen, defies a grieving mother to embody their true gender and sexual identities in the wake of a family tragedy. Zoe uncovers their gender at a time where all trans representation in the media was either harmful and peripheral, or absent.    Donate Today for their fundraiser! 

Rossetti's wild and brilliant films have been wonderful to see during their time at Temple we can't wait to see what they do next! 

Interview by Audrey Ward
Editing by Titus Oldham

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