Temple Theaters: HOTEL WILLIAMS

Temple Theaters: HOTEL WILLIAMS

Nov 12-18, 2021


By Tennessee Williams
Direction by
Brandon McShaffrey
Winalis Bruce
Laurence Christopher
Allison Ogden
& Cheyenne Parks 
November 12 - 18, 2021

NEW TIME (6:30 pm -  Sun Matinee @ 2)
Production Stage Manager: Laurence Christopher

The great works of Tennessee Williams, such as A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE and THE GLASS MENAGERIE, are well-known. But did you know that, to stimulate his writing (before, between and after mega-successes), Williams would move into hotels in cities all over the world? In exotic locations, he would write short plays as character sketches for his larger works. These “drawer” plays experimented with form, style, and tone much more than his commercial works.  

These short pieces are equally as powerful, but their length means they have not been staged as frequently and while many were published in anthologies and produced in festivals, they did not receive the attention they rightly deserve. Acting as a curator, Brandon McShaffrey has created a way for six of these plays to be produced collectively in rep while enlisting the skills of undergraduate directors. 

Content warning: This show contains depiction and discussion of sexual abuse, physical abuse, suicidal ideation, as well as sexual content.

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