Niema Dunbar

Adjunct Faculty

Niema Dunbar holds a Bachelor of Theater, Film, and Media Arts from Temple University. Niema is a seasoned Producer with an excellent eye for detail. To date, Niema has worked on productions for film and TV projects for the likes of everyone from Kevin Hart, M. Night Shyamalan, Nickelodeon, NETFLIX, and TD Bank, to name a few. Niema’s journey started as a freelancer at one of the top cosmetic companies, MAC Cosmetics. While in this role, she was introduced to the entertainment world, where she worked on projects ranging from editorial shoots, TV, Film, Fashion Shows, Weddings, Music Videos, & more. During this time, Niema’s love and passion for entertainment were born. This led to her enrolling at Temple University to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Media Arts. While a student at TU, she took an internship at Fox 29 network. Within this role, she worked on several assignments such as “Good Day Philadelphia” with Mike Jerrick & Alex Holley, Fox 29 News desk, and often traveled out in the field with reporters. Eventually, her work ethic and creative eye began to stand out. This resulted in her getting the opportunity to work with radio veteran turned National TV host Quincy Harris on “The Q.” Niema’s passion for life and purpose-led to her eventually pitching a segment for “Good Day Philadelphia.” The Executives and host loved the idea so much that her pitch led to Niema receiving her first producing credit for producing a one-hour TV segment (as an intern). This leap of faith changed the trajectory of her career! Since, Niema has hit the ground running, producing projects for both film and TV. Niema’s hard work ethic and passion for film & TV are not her only attributes. Niema knows who she is, where she has come from, and where she is going. Nevertheless, a big part of her journey is giving back, providing opportunities for minorities, and championing diversity. Niema is not just a creator but also an agent of social change and is a member of the City Council of Philadelphia’s “Special Committee on Gun Violence Prevention.” Since the top of the pandemic, Niema has been a certified COVID Compliance Officer for film and TV productions within the Greater Philadelphia region. Niema has multiple development projects, including a full feature and a documentary. And if that was not enough, Niema has her own Production & Entertainment Management Company, “Industry Films & Management LLC.” In her role as CEO and owner, she utilizes her creative talents, experience, and education to connect people creatively and professionally. All while specializing in all aspects of entertainment & production within TV, Film, Commercials, Music Videos, and more. In 2021, Niema returned to her alma mater, Temple University, this time as an instructor teaching Producing in the Film and Media Arts School. From the community to production sets to the classroom, Niema is well on becoming an international powerhouse to be reckoned with! Niema remains humble, zealous, and grateful as she holds the door open for those who will come after her.

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