Stephanie Ayanian

Adjunct Faculty
120 Annenberg Hall, 2020 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Contact Info:

Stephanie Ayanian is a film producer, director, and educator. Her latest film, What Will Become of Us, is broadcasting on public television stations across the United States. It features the stories of a small ethnic group grappling with how to maintain their cultural identities in the melting pot of America. She produced the independent feature Kinderwald, an Official Selection of Munich International, Seattle International, Napa Valley, and Slamdance film festivals. Ayanian co-owns storyshop, an independent production house for creative media. Before starting storyshop, Ayanian worked as a Senior Producer/Director for Penn State Public Broadcasting where she was the producer and co-director of Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure, for which she received the American Association of Engineering Societies Award for Journalism. The feature documentary aired in all of the 40 top markets with a total of 1800 broadcasts in a 12-month period. She also produced and co-directed the Geospatial Revolution Project, which was released episodically on the web and has screened worldwide. She holds an MFA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University (under her maiden name, Stephanie Garoian) and a BA in Film and Video from the Pennsylvania State University.

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